New to NLS

New to NLS? Here is a little summary

The Nutri Life System (in short NLS) want to bring a little more reality and variation to RolePlay. At the moment it is available in the second version and exists in german and english language.

In which way NLS can bring more variation to RP?

NLS simulates hunger and diseases to the user. To satisfy your hunger, you have to eat something, to geht healthy you have to visit a doctor. Of course no one can eat or heal just with a turn of your finger. Behind NLS is a whole system of resources, plants, animals and trading which fulfill a lot of possible of nearly impossible wishes.

If you go per example to aa appletree you can pick an apple from it.You now can eat the appl, or use it to make an applepie. It’s the same with nearly all fruits, plants or bushes. Also there is meat you can eat … after a successful hunting.

Herbs are also a part of NLS and could be used to make medicine. With that medicine a doctor can heal all the diseases you can have. But where one side want your best, is everytime the other side. With every herb you can use to make a medicine, there is a second way of use whitch is toxic. No light without shadow. 😉

Of course nobody have to make everything by oneself and go for a hunt, roast it and finally can eat the meat. NLS knows it’s very one currency to afford trading of all it’s goods. This trading is provided with the climatic zone NLS knows. So a travelling trader can buy per example cacao at the tropes and sell it in a region with another climate. Many things do not grow in every zone.

The complete System of NLS in a constant period of upgrading, expansion and improvement. It never stands still and of course it grow a lot by your ideas. So if you have an idea, just let us know.

What is to do, if I want to use NLS?

As a normal user, you just have to go to your SIM, search a giver and get your very own and free NLS HUD. Just by wearing the HUD your character is a part of NLS, learns hunger, diseases and all the high and low parts of a life.

If you just want to test NLS, visit one of the „NLS Showroom“. There we build up a part of the NLS and everyone is invited to test ist.

In whichs languages exists NLS?

Right now NLS knows german and english language. The HUD always use the language its wearer sets within the viewer settings. So every output will be in german or english. The language of a SIM is set by the SIM owner. Every spawner (Fields, Trees, Animals, …) and fusionator (The objects which use the rawmaterials like Oven, Pan, Mortar, …) will use that language.

Further languages are not available at the moment, but they can come if demand increase.

Are there varios „version“ of NLS?

Yes, there are some different versions. NLS was born in the world of „GOR“. The world of GOR is based on the novels of John Norman, which describes a world at the other side of the sun. Out of this the gorean version of NLS was created. Couse of the big demand of earthly roleplays like the medieval RP, we now have a Earthversion of NLS.

Those two versions are the same in the basic functions. Both are maintain and will be extended, so with that we make no difference between both versions. In a big part both versions are using the same scripts which makes it much easier for me. However there is a big difference between the version, caused by the names.

At GOR you can find a lot of animals, which are unknown at earth. Of course there are also parallels. To give you an example there is the proud Bosk. The Bosk is a kind of cow, but the more primal version of it with long, scraggy fur. Also you will find no apples at Gor, but Larmas.

Based on those differences in both versions are things you will not find in the other version. Also rawmaterials of both worlds are not always compatible. An oven at earth can not use a Larma of Gor to make an applepie.

If someone want to switch between the worlds, he don’t have to throw everything away. It is possible to translate the personal storage between the worlds. Just visit the NLS Showroom.

Further version of NLS do not exist at the moment, but they can come. Something on gor completely unknown is presented in many earthly roleplays … the fantasy aspect with vampires and other fantastic creatures. There are existing plans for that, but I don’t wantto explain them here.

How can I get NLS to my SIM?

To get NLS on your SIM you will need a license. A license is granted alwaysfor a complete SIM and includes a sim owner and a climate zone. You do not need to have a complete SIM to use NLS. NLS also works on a part of a sim, but there always can be only one license per SIM.

Does NLS cost something?

Yes. There is a lot of work in NLS and a permanently growing technical effort. All of that is not for free, so I want to lower those costs. NLS earn money in two ways.

  1. Every license will cost 200 L$ per week. For big sim networks we can bargain on a quantity discount.
  2. There are some AddOns for NLS we do not give out for free. NLS will work of course without those addons you can buy at the Showroom.

Is there a free way?

Yeah, there is. To get NLS to more SIMs and assist trading, there is a free licensemodell. With the free license of NLS you can only use fusionators on the whole SIM. All plants and animals will not work there. So you have to trade for your rawmaterials.

How can I get a license?

There are several ways to get a license. First of all you can write an IM to Carney Dagger. To speed up this a little, please include the name of the SIM, wanted climate zone and world in that IM.

Also there are some signs out there you can use to apply a license. Those signs will ask you for all needed informations and send them to Carney. In the past there were a lot of joke-applications. Therefore you now have to pay the first week directly to the sign. If we decline your license for what reason ever, we refund you 100% of this commission.

A little tip for SIM owners. Those sign only sent a part of the commission to Carney. The rest will stay at the signowner as provision.

In my climate are to less plants!

It is possible to get a „global license“ in which every NLS plant or animal can live, but this is not our favorite solutions cause is work against trading. SIM associations can get such a license to decide for their own on which SIM which plant or animal will live. Every other SIM will need a good reason to get such a license. Simple gather SIMs are strictly limited and will be visited a lot by NLS Team.

The main thing for NLS is roleplay and trading with others is a part of it. Some raw materials you have to import from other countries, that’s normal.

If you still want to get such a global license, please contact NLS Support, cause you only can get it after consulting us.

Are there trainings?

Yeah, there are. The NLS is very big and a little complex especially at the beginning. Please send a message to Carney Dagger and we will find a way. The training can be at your SIM or in the classroom at NLS Showroom. Trainings could be in german oder english language.

Also we try to do round about one Question & Answer session a month. We announce those session via „Nutri Life System“ group and at a sign in the Showroom. At those sessions you have the possibility to discuss about NLS, ask questions, bring in your ideas and of course, get some further informations and explain to everything about NLS.

Further Questrions?

No webside can answer all questions, therefore the NLS Team tries to have time for questions. We will try to answer every question as good as we can.

Just one request if you want to get in contact with me (Carney Dagger). Please just send me an IM with more than just „hello“ or „are you there?“ within it. I get a lot of those IMs a day and I do not answer them anymore. If I am offline, I will get every IM as email. I will answer as soon as possible and try to help. It also can be, that I answer an IM via mail while I’m offline. So it can be, that a problem is resolved within 5 minutes 😉

and in the end, I want to ask all of you for a little patience. Everyone of the NLS-Team is just a human and have a real life and the real life is always more important than the virtual second.

Kind regards

Carney and the NLS Team

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